Relational Healthcare

Relationships in the NHSEffective health care delivery depends as much on good working relationships across the health sector as on financial resources. The quality of relationships, not only between medics and patients but also amongst professions and agencies, all affect the quality of care we receive. The problem is that these relationships are often under intense pressures, largely from shortages of time and demands to meet targets. The Relational Health Care project was launched in 1996 with a comprehensive programme of research investigating the importance and state of relationships in the health care sector.

From this research we developed a range of models and tools to help health care agencies assess and strengthen their most important relationships. In total, it is estimated that half of all Primary Care Trusts in England and Wales have used material based on our Relational Health Care work. The book, Relationships in the NHS: Bridging the Gap is available for download in pdf format here.