Newsletter August 2010

Welcome to the Relationships Foundation newsletter August 2010


The Relationships Foundation launches Family Policy Project


Building on the framework of our previous work, especially the Wellbeing Project, the Relationships Foundation is now launching a Family Policy Project (FPP). The Project will look at a wide range of family relations including the extended family, couple relationships, and parent and child interactions, applying our framework in areas such as health, welfare, housing, work, business and education. Its focus is on three areas:


  • Research on family purpose and function
  • Integrated policy on the family
  • Building a broader coalition for the family


Please see below for two of our recent press releases:


“Marriage tax controversy must not threaten overall family policy”


While the ‘Big Society’ has become a central theme of the government, many think that family policy has been sidelined. The question now being asked is: “Is this due to Liberal Democrat-Conservative disagreements on marriage tax policy?” If so, the danger is that this symbolic issue detracts from ensuring that policy in all areas strengthens families. Families have a greater impact on education, health, justice and welfare than the voluntary sector – they need clear voice and strategy at the heart of government. Click here to read our press release.


“Coalition Government still sidelining Families”


Relationships Foundation again highlights that the Government is still pushing ahead with the Big Society agenda without its most important element – families (as was also the case with the Prime Minister’s big speech about the Big Society on July 19th where Family didn’t get mentioned even once!). Click here to read our press release.


Consulting and Leadership Development Programme


We are currently offering two specialist courses in our Consulting and Leadership Development Programme:

“Change That Works: Getting Relationships Right to Drive and Lead Change Effectively”


The challenges presented by disruptive technologies and innovation, changing consumer trends, rising costs, new ways of communicating and imminent cuts in public sector budgets and overall public investments all necessitate leaders to initiate, drive, lead and manage their organisation’s response, be it reactive or proactive. Change is now the stepping stone to high performance.


This one-day course is specially designed to equip leaders with the skills and insights to approach change differently, by getting to the heart of what makes change most effective and sustainable – relationships. Participants will be shown how relationships can be systematically analysed and intentionally strengthened to effect change that works and lasts.


October 12th, 2010. Venue: Cambridge University (college to be confirmed)



“Preventing and De-escalating Conflicts: Doing It More Effectively the Relational Way”


A one-day course for line managers and team leaders who all face the same reality: dealing with and being responsible for groups of people. But where there are people there is always the potential for conflict. Conflicts are costly and can be hugely counter-productive; they are the last thing organisations need in an era of austerity and where employee engagement and productivity have never been more important.


This course provides line managers and team leaders with a distinctive relational solution that helps them develop an intentional strategy to prevent conflicts and a structured approach to de-escalate them when they occur. Delegates will be shown how our model and tools can help them nip potential conflicts in the bud by analysing the strength and quality of relationships – and then taking the right corrective action.


November 4th, 2010. Venue: Cambridge University (college to be confirmed)


Press Watch


We’re hoping to build up a ‘bank’ of articles across the media which reflect our central interest in Relationships. We will shortly be adding a broad list of articles which touch on relational matters and have made a start by growing a list of articles concerned with family issues, the focus of our new Family Policy Project.


Frank Field MP suggests GCSE in parenting

By Martin Beckford Daily Telegraph 09/08/2010

Disadvantaged teenagers could be encouraged to study for a GCSE in parenting, so they can raise children better than they were brought up themselves.


Benchmark for Work and Family Policies

Work and Family Policy Roundtable, Australia

A very interesting document, timed for the Australian election campaign, relating to work-life balance


49 minutes: The time each day the average family spends together

By Jonathan Owen The Independent 30/05/2010

Chasing the clock and worrying about money put more and more pressure on home life, a survey reveals. Modern British households come in many forms.


We welcome suggestions of items in the media which we can add to either the Family Press Watch or the general Relationships Press Watch (to come). Please communicate via: