New book ‘The Relational Lens: Understanding, managing and measuring stakeholder relationships’ out now!

relational-lensThe long awaited book ‘The Relational Lens: Understanding, managing and measuring stakeholder relationships’ written by John Ashcroft, Roy Childs, Alison Myers and Michael Schluter and published by Cambridge University Press is finally here!

What are the conditions within which people and organisations are more likely to form and conduct effective relationships? Can those conditions be more consciously organised in order to improve coordination and performance?

Relational lens explores the crucial role of relationships in social capital, risk management, value-creation and competitive advantage, and sets out a scalable analytic tool used successfully for twenty years to understand, measure and influence relationships in organisations. Drawing on the authors’ combined years of experience in both private and public-sector organisations, this is a practical book. Relational Lens offers tools for the systematic measurement and management of relationships between individuals, groups and organisations.

You can now order the book online for £26.99.

Check out the video of the launch at Linklaters here.