Launching ‘Status’ – a new campaign for 18-25 year olds

During the past year Relationships Foundation has been supporting the development and launch of a new initiative that seeks to change attitudes and behaviour to enable more children to grow up safe, secure and nurtured by both parents. This family stability initiative has now launched its first campaign – called ‘Status’ – aimed at 18-25 year olds. The purpose of the campaign is firmly in line with our core values but the means adopted is new territory for us. The campaign applies professional, modern communication techniques, shown to be effective in other areas of life, to a new relational purpose – combating the position where a child born today has only a 50:50 chance of living with both birth parents by the time he or she is 15. 

The campaign is designed to meet young people where they are, inviting them into conversation on social media about relationships. The online hub and the Status Facebook page provide young people with materials which are designed to amuse, inspire and challenge by using the means which are most familiar to them. Users will be invited to give their thoughts and opinions, creating an online community thinking and talking about relationships. It is early days and Status is intended to develop in tune with its users so that we can create a space where young people will want to be and where we can give them the know-how they need to be part of a relationship that works.

Status is a joint initiative of the Family Stability Network, a community of organisations for which Relationships Foundation currently has responsibility, working together to develop new ways of helping people in their relationships. Status is the first stage of the initiative with other campaigns for different ages and life stages planned for the future.