Our past projects

ktcKeep Time for Children is a campaign which seeks to protects shared time for families. Families are key to our society. They are crucial for raising the next generation and teaching them social skills, as a well as providing emotional, physical, financial and spiritual care. What children want and need more than anything else is time with their parents. Yet today’s children are being time-starved. Keep Time for Children focuses primarily on the hidden crisis of weekend working, the two days when school-aged children will be at home and in need of parenting. Findings from the National Centre for Social Research, commissioned by Keep Time for Children, revealed that around 1.4 million parents are working regularly through the whole weekend and over 2.5 million families are affected by a parent working regularly over the weekend. These parents are more likely than others to be poorly-qualified and on a low income.

Further details can be found here. Work undertaken by the campaign led to the development of our proposed “Family Day Bill



concordisConcordis International works impartially alongside those involved in or affected by armed conflict, so that through dialogue they may build relationships of mutual trust and together develop and implement policies that improve human security and lay firm foundations for lasting peace.






futurebusinessFuture Business is a social enterprise that offers business support and workspace across Cambridgeshire. It manages several buildings in Cambridge with a particular emphasis on working with businesses that want to make a difference in a social or environmental way. It has built and now runs the Future Business Centre.





alliaAllia creates opportunities to raise investment from individual and corporate investors for organisations delivering social benefit. As a charitable society, its mission is to work with partners to grow the social investment market and make a social profit.