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New CEO for Relationships Foundation

After 10 years in post Michael Trend is stepping down as Executive Director but will continue to work with Marriage Foundation, one of the initiatives RF launched during his tenure. Dr Rob Loe, who leads our Relational Schools work, will take over as our new Chief Executive Officer with effect from 8 October 2018. In […]

New book ‘The Relational Lens: Understanding, managing and measuring stakeholder relationships’ out now!

The long awaited book ‘The Relational Lens: Understanding, managing and measuring stakeholder relationships’ written by John Ashcroft, Roy Childs, Alison Myers and Michael Schluter and published by Cambridge University Press is finally here! What are the conditions within which people and organisations are more likely to form and conduct effective relationships? Can those conditions be more consciously organised in […]

Launching ‘Status’ – a new campaign for 18-25 year olds

During the past year Relationships Foundation has been supporting the development and launch of a new initiative that seeks to change attitudes and behaviour to enable more children to grow up safe, secure and nurtured by both parents. This family stability initiative has now launched its first campaign – called ‘Status’ – aimed at 18-25 year olds. The […]

Cost of family breakdown reaches record high

Relationships Foundation’s updated annual “Cost of Family Failure Index” reveals that the 2016 cost of family breakdown to the taxpayer has increased for the seventh year in a row to £48 billion, up from 37 million in 2009. Despite cuts to government spending on services dealing with the fallout from family breakdown, soaring rates of […]

John Ashcroft: The fiscal case for championing family policy

Relationship Foundation’s Research Director John Ashcroft makes the fiscal case for championing family policy in his recent guest post for Conservative Home, Britain’s leading Conservative blog for news. In his blog post John Ashcroft points out that any government facing both public expectations of improved public services and challenging fiscal constraints cannot afford to disregard the […]

Cost of Family Failure: £47 bn and still rising

Relationships Foundation has just updated its annual “Cost of Family Failure Index”, and can reveal the 2015 cost of family breakdown to the taxpayer is £47 billion – costing each taxpayer £1,546 a year. Despite cuts in government spending, the cost of family failure continues to rise.  And the continuing upward movement of the Index […]

Relationships Foundation to test The Family Test

Relationships Foundation welcomed the publication of The Family Test guidance for government departments from the Department for Work & Pensions1. RF has been making the case for this development for many years, starting with the publication of The Triple Test six years ago.2 Our work has showed that the social dimension is the elephant in […]

Family Policy: where next?

We are delighted that today the Prime Minister has announced the implementation of a ‘family test’ to examine all domestic policy for its impact on the family. His speech today is a welcome step in addressing some of the coalition government’s failures to develop and implement a coherent family policy. The Relationships Foundation has been making […]

£46bn: 2014 Cost of Family Failure remains very high

Our annual “Cost of Family Failure Index” continues to receive widespread attention. Most notably it was used by the Department for Education in their evaluation of the cost effectiveness of relationship support services including those provided by Relate and Marriage Care. We began the exercise in 2009 (when we estimated the cost to be £37 […]

RF’s Peter Lacey blogs on Relational Health

Our chair of trustees, Peter Lacey, has begun a blog on the question “Why Relational Health?”. You can see his first blog post, “Compassion &mdash, not just for nurses” here. “However, generating a public debate, taking a systems approach, valuing relational qualities and working to embed these in our health and care system, from top […]

Relationships Foundation mentioned in House of Commons debate, “Strengthening Couple Relationships”

There was an interesting reference to our work during yesterday’s debate, ‘Strengthening Couple Relationships’, in the House of Commons (Westminster Hall). Fiona Bruce MP said, “The Relationships Foundation has described strong relationships as a national asset that we should preserve and strengthen. The social capital of families and communities is a sustainable bedrock not only […]

RF wins the Social Market Foundation’s manifesto competition

This year the Social Market Foundation released its ‘M Word’ competition around the party conferences. Asked to tweet what should have been in the manifesto, we (in the winning tweet!) said: Let extended families register as organisations to save tax efficiently, fulfil welfare roles & group purchase insurance/utilities #mword — Relationships Fndtn (@RFcambridge) October 1, […]

Allia: Scottish Government to invest £10m in a Charitable Bond

Congratulations to Allia, long ago an initiative of the Relationships Foundation, who have just announced that the Scottish Government will invest £10m in one of their charitable bonds! Allia started in 1999 under the name Citylife, to raise money for employment initiatives through local campaigns in communities around the UK. They developed a charitable bond […]

Cost of Family Failure index quoted widely in response to marriage tax break criticisms

The Relationships Foundation’s Cost of Family Failure Index was (mis!)quoted in the Daily Express on Saturday, in an article about the proposed marriage tax breaks. “When families break up they suddenly need two homes rather than one. Children who previously would be looked after by one parent while the other went out to work suddenly […]

Relationships Foundation’s Cost of Family Failure quoted in The Telegraph this morning

The Relationships Foundation’s Cost of Family Failure Index was quoted in The Telegraph this morning in an article about the proposed marriage taz breaks, “David Cameron believes in marriage – so why doesn’t he support it?” The quote read: “He [George Osbourne] has said it [marriage tax breaks] would be too pricey, even if the […]

The Real Cost of Living: Barnados report into the new Benefits Up-rating Act

Barnados has produced an excellent report on how the new Benefits Up-rating Act may affect families. They highlight concerns that in recent years families have experienced both downward pressures on their incomes and upwards pressures in the prices of essentials, putting a strain on family budgets. In this context, it is concerned that the recent […]

Taxman hits stay-at-home mothers

The Telegraph reports today that the average UK family with one worker and two children loses 27. 9 per cent of their wages in tax, compared with 26.2 per cent before the Coalition was elected, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found. The study comes amid claims that the Government is punishing stay-at-home […]

RF welcomes Relate’s report on improving relationship support for men

The Relationships Foundation welcomes Relate’s report recognising and discussing why men are less willing to seek help or support for relationship problems.     Harry Benson, Director of Communications at The Marriage Foundation think tank, says: “A big part of the problem is that most people think about relationships in terms of counselling. Yet what […]

Startling new research on UK divorce rate

A new report from the Marriage Foundation think-tank, What is the divorce rate?, has shattered the common assumption that the divorce rate for all couples is higher than it was in the 1960s.     Looking at the rate of divorce over the last four decades, Harry Benson, Communications Director at The Marriage Foundation, found […]

RF welcomes report on the ‘Relational State’

IPPR’s report, The Relational State, is a welcome recognition of the importance of relationships and the need to consider how the state influences them. This is something we have long advocated – it is vital that all parties are clear about how they will strengthen the relationships that are most important for wellbeing. Our recent […]

UK Family Pressure Gauge published

The Relationships Foundation UK Family Pressure Gauge   To coincide with the 2012 party conferences we publish the UK version of our Family Pressure Gauge, showing how the pressures on families varies across UK regions. Drawing on data from the Understanding Society panel survey, it replicates the same elements as our 2012 European index – […]

Launch of the Marriage Foundation

After many months of incubation the Relationships Foundation was delighted to bring the Marriage Foundation to launch on May 1st at Middle Temple Hall. The new Foundation is rooted in the vision and concern of Sir Paul Coleridge who was appointed a High Court judge in 2000 after 30 years as a family law specialist […]