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Cost of Family Failure: £47 bn and still rising

Relationships Foundation has just updated its annual “Cost of Family Failure Index”, and can reveal the 2015 cost of family breakdown to the taxpayer is £47 billion – costing each taxpayer £1,546 a year. Despite cuts in government spending, the cost of family failure continues to rise.  And the continuing upward movement of the Index […]

Relationships Foundation to test The Family Test

Relationships Foundation welcomed the publication of The Family Test guidance for government departments from the Department for Work & Pensions1. RF has been making the case for this development for many years, starting with the publication of The Triple Test six years ago.2 Our work has showed that the social dimension is the elephant in […]

Family Policy: where next?

We are delighted that today the Prime Minister has announced the implementation of a ‘family test’ to examine all domestic policy for its impact on the family. His speech today is a welcome step in addressing some of the coalition government’s failures to develop and implement a coherent family policy. The Relationships Foundation has been making […]

Relational JusticeThirteen authors, all highly respected professionals, assess the criminal justice system from a relational perspective and suggest ways of bringing a concern for the relationships damaged by crime at the heart of our penal system.

The R FactorWritten at a time of intense debate both in the emerging post-communist world and the recession-ridden West, The R Factor presents a powerful critique of our culture. Only through the creation of Relational markets and democracies, it argues, will we find personal fulfilment and build a truly stable global order.

Building a Relational SocietyWriters in this unique collection of essays, from their very different walks of life, challenge the neglect of our relationships. Drawing together evidence from pyschology, economics and commerce, sociology and theology, the authors demonstrate the costs of neglecting human relationships. They urge a new approach to finding solutions to the problems of urban decay, industrial relations, divorce and family conflict by adopting a more relational public policy focus. The authors include A.H. Halsey,  John Monks, Clive Mather, Ceridwen Roberts and Shirley Dex.

Relationships in the NHSThis book looks at the characteristics of NHS relationships. It looks at policy and the theory underpinning these relationships and builds on practical examples from many of the health communities in England. It offers new insights to those of us who are trying to harness and focus the energies of different organizations for the greater benefit of the populations that we serve.

Dr Gillian Morgan, Chief Executive, North & East Devon Health Authority

Case for Interprofessional CollaborationEach chapter adopts a consistent format and a clear framework for professional relationships, considering those with the same profession, other professions, new partners, policy actors, the public and with patients. Available direct from Blackwell publishing.

‘This book is essential for practitioners, managers and educators of health and social care.’  Dr Frances Gordon in the journal Learning in Health and Social Care.

Relational ManagerRelationships that work lie at the heart of every successful organisation – on a strategic level, a cultural level, an operational level and a personal level.
Distilling 20 years of experience and research, The Relational Manager is packed with telling case histories, practical examples and clear guidance. Authors Schluter and Lee demonstrate conclusively how managers at any level in any organisation can make a real difference to performance by thinking relationally.
Focused primarily on the workplace, the book also offers insights into the work-life balance and relationships with friends and family. This book argues that society is ultimately a network of relationships, both public and professional. If those relationships don’t work, quality of life goes down and organisational performance suffers. The Relational Manager sets out a relationships approach to policy making and management to inspire leaders in all walks of life.

See: ‘High Praise for The Relational Manager’ here.
Review from the Chartered Managemnet Institute here and from LICC here.

£46bn: 2014 Cost of Family Failure remains very high

Our annual “Cost of Family Failure Index” continues to receive widespread attention. Most notably it was used by the Department for Education in their evaluation of the cost effectiveness of relationship support services including those provided by Relate and Marriage Care. We began the exercise in 2009 (when we estimated the cost to be £37 […]

RF’s Peter Lacey blogs on Relational Health

Our chair of trustees, Peter Lacey, has begun a blog on the question “Why Relational Health?”. You can see his first blog post, “Compassion &mdash, not just for nurses” here. “However, generating a public debate, taking a systems approach, valuing relational qualities and working to embed these in our health and care system, from top […]

An Unexpected Tragedy

This report, from Relationships Forum Australia sets out to establish whether there is a link between changes in Australian working patterns and aspects of well-being associated with relationships, particularly those in families, but also including friendships and participation in the broader community. Also download the Appendix to the report here. Disclaimer: Resources from other organisations or […]

Relationships Foundation mentioned in House of Commons debate, “Strengthening Couple Relationships”

There was an interesting reference to our work during yesterday’s debate, ‘Strengthening Couple Relationships’, in the House of Commons (Westminster Hall). Fiona Bruce MP said, “The Relationships Foundation has described strong relationships as a national asset that we should preserve and strengthen. The social capital of families and communities is a sustainable bedrock not only […]

RF wins the Social Market Foundation’s manifesto competition

This year the Social Market Foundation released its ‘M Word’ competition around the party conferences. Asked to tweet what should have been in the manifesto, we (in the winning tweet!) said: Let extended families register as organisations to save tax efficiently, fulfil welfare roles & group purchase insurance/utilities #mword — Relationships Fndtn (@RFcambridge) October 1, […]

Allia: Scottish Government to invest £10m in a Charitable Bond

Congratulations to Allia, long ago an initiative of the Relationships Foundation, who have just announced that the Scottish Government will invest £10m in one of their charitable bonds! Allia started in 1999 under the name Citylife, to raise money for employment initiatives through local campaigns in communities around the UK. They developed a charitable bond […]

Cost of Family Failure index quoted widely in response to marriage tax break criticisms

The Relationships Foundation’s Cost of Family Failure Index was (mis!)quoted in the Daily Express on Saturday, in an article about the proposed marriage tax breaks. “When families break up they suddenly need two homes rather than one. Children who previously would be looked after by one parent while the other went out to work suddenly […]

Relationships Foundation’s Cost of Family Failure quoted in The Telegraph this morning

The Relationships Foundation’s Cost of Family Failure Index was quoted in The Telegraph this morning in an article about the proposed marriage taz breaks, “David Cameron believes in marriage – so why doesn’t he support it?” The quote read: “He [George Osbourne] has said it [marriage tax breaks] would be too pricey, even if the […]

The Real Cost of Living: Barnados report into the new Benefits Up-rating Act

Barnados has produced an excellent report on how the new Benefits Up-rating Act may affect families. They highlight concerns that in recent years families have experienced both downward pressures on their incomes and upwards pressures in the prices of essentials, putting a strain on family budgets. In this context, it is concerned that the recent […]

Taxman hits stay-at-home mothers

The Telegraph reports today that the average UK family with one worker and two children loses 27. 9 per cent of their wages in tax, compared with 26.2 per cent before the Coalition was elected, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) found. The study comes amid claims that the Government is punishing stay-at-home […]

RF welcomes Relate’s report on improving relationship support for men

The Relationships Foundation welcomes Relate’s report recognising and discussing why men are less willing to seek help or support for relationship problems.     Harry Benson, Director of Communications at The Marriage Foundation think tank, says: “A big part of the problem is that most people think about relationships in terms of counselling. Yet what […]