What others say about us

Rabbi Sacks
Relationships Foundation reminds us that it is the quality of our relationships that, more than anything else, determines our happiness, fulfilment and the sense of a life well lived. Former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks


Michael Gove
Each of us is defined, and enriched, by our relationships to others. It’s the strength of our relationships, the warmth of our friendships, the time we have with our partners, parents and children, the respect we’re given in the workplace and by our peers, the achievements we forge collaboratively and collectively, which generate real happiness and fulfilment. The Rt Hon Michael Gove MP, Secretary of State for Justice (UK)


Lindsay Tanner
Relationships are the missing piece of the political puzzle. As we struggle to adapt to the domination of the bottom line, the factor invariably omitted from the equation is relationships…. Relational thinking is a critical tool for those who aim to be better managers. The Hon Lindsay Tanner, Former Minister for Finance and Deregulation (Australia)


Relationships Foundation’s research is outstanding in focusing on important issues which people face in their everyday lives – in the workplace, high street, families and institutions. In particular it has helped to demonstrate that ordinary people’s lives would benefit from the adoption of a relational approach to public policy. Shirley Dex, Professor of Longitudinal Social Research in Education, Institute of Education, London



Paul O'Donnell
‘Relationships’ is not just another business buzzword. Learning to do business relationally is bringing great benefits both to our organisation and to our clients. Paul O’Donnell, Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather, Europe, Africa, Middle East


John Pilling
Dialogue with Relationships Foundation has helped me to understand more about delivering public services, managing large organisations and handling communities in conflict. Sir Joseph Pilling, former Permanent Under Secretary to the Northern Ireland Office


Lord Woolf
I am a great admirer of Relationships Foundation. It addresses not just the symptoms but the root causes of relationship breakdown and strives to reverse the tide. Lord Woolf, former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales


Relational Manager


Favourable comments on one of our recent books,The Relational Manager






Clive Mather

The Relational Manager offers powerful insights and practical actions to help leaders bring out the best in themselves and the people they manage. In a world of stress and sleaze, it has never been more relevant.
Clive Mather, former Chairman of Shell UK and CEO of Shell, Canada


Lindie Engelbrecht
One of the most significant assets in any organization is its reputation. Its reputation is built through relationships, maintained through relationships and may even be destroyed through not nurturing relationships. This book will provide any director with valuable guidance to assist in establishing relationships with their stakeholders. Lindie Engelbrecht, Chief Executive of the Institute of Directors, South Africa


David Strang
The Relational Manager provides a comprehensive guide to the importance of building positive relations at work. It is practical, soundly based on research evidence and immensely readable. Whether you work in the private or public sector, in a small or large organization, the message of this book will transform your approach to relationships and to making a difference at work. David Strang, Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland


Paul O'Donnell
Applying ‘relational thinking’ can help explain many of the more perplexing challenges businesses face today. This book shows that these relational dimensions can be understood, measured, and that strategies can be developed to improve the “relational equity” of a business or an individual executive. I commend this book to any business leader or management team looking for fresh inspiration on how to take their business forward. Paul O’Donnell, Vice-Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather, Europe, Africa, Middle East


The Relational Manager provides a compelling framework for understanding and measuring relational performance. I commend this book to all business managers who aspire to challenge the organizational status quo by developing, utilizing, and promoting effective relational skills in all of their professional and personal dealings.
Bruno Roche, Chief Economist, Mars, Inc