Our people


Peter Lacey: Chair of Trustees

Peter runs a consultancy group advising health and social care organisations with regard to their strategy and partnership development policies and implementation processes. He has worked in the public sector for 15 years, before which he spent time in commercial management for a major High Street retailer and as a Development Manager in the Jubilee Centre – the sister organisation of the Relationships Foundation. Peter has both academic and practical experience of developing and running a small enterprise and has learnt first hand of the importance of using a ‘relational’ framework in this task. He therefore takes a keen interest in the overall strategic direction and organisational ‘fit for purpose’ of the Relationships Foundation.


Philippa-TaylorPhilippa Taylor: Trustee

Philippa Taylor is Head of Public Policy at the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF). She blogs regularly on their website and is also a blogger for The Conservative Woman. She is a Consultant for CARE Trust on bioethics, marriage and the family and on the advisory board of the Marriage Foundation. She has an MA in Bioethics from St Mary’s University College and a background in policy work on bioethics and family issues. She has been a member of the Family Law Review for the Centre for Social Justice and Associate Director at the Centre for Bioethics and Public Policy (CBPP). As well as doing policy work, media work and presentations, she has written many papers on the family and bioethics, including numerous consultation responses, briefing papers, articles and booklets, including For Better or For Worse: Marriage and Cohabitation Compared, CARE (now in its 3rd edition).


Philip Powell RF TrusteePhilip Powell: Trustee

Philip works for the Jubilee Centre in Cambridge where he manages the development of the Learning Community. He has worked for a number of NGOs in the field of justice, advocacy and training. He has a masters degree in Politics and International Relations, and has represented Youth With a Mission at the United Nations.





Michael Trend: Executive Director

After studying at the University of Oxford Michael started work as a volunteer at Toynbee Hall in London’s East End. Since then he has chiefly worked in journalism and politics. He held senior posts in the Times Literary Supplement and The Spectator and was the Editor of History Today and the parliamentary House Magazine. He was the Chief Leader Writer of the Daily Telegraph when, in 1992, he was elected as the MP for Windsor. For three years he was also the Deputy Chairman and Director General of the Conservative Party (1995-98). He stood down at the 2005 election. Michael has a strong interest in human rights: he was Vice-Chairman of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and has led election delegations for the Washington-based International Republican Institute. He joined RF as Executive Director in 2008.


johnashcroftJohn Ashcroft: Research Director

John has been with Relationships Foundation since it was launched. As Research Director, his time is split between identifying and developing new projects, managing ongoing research programmes and advising on strategy and direction. John holds a degree in theology from Oxford University and a Master of Theology from King’s College, London. John’s work has included consultancy and training for a wide range of private, public and third sector organisations. He is the co-author of The Case for Interprofessional Collaboration (2005) and Relationships in the NHS: Bridging the Gap (2000).



AAEAAQAAAAAAAAj5AAAAJGE0NTg2Y2Q0LTkxZmYtNDI2Zi05MDFjLTBhMzAzNWFiYmQ4NwRenate Vink: Development and Communications Manager


Renate is the new Development and Communications Manager, responsible for donor relations,  communications and general management at Relationships Foundation. She holds a BA in European Studies from Maastricht University and an MA in European Studies from the University of Amsterdam. After graduation, she spent a few years working at the International Office of the University of Amsterdam and has been involved in training programs relating to conflict resolution and reconciliation.




Rob (new)Robert Loe: Relational Schools Project


Rob Loe is the Executive Director of the Relational Schools Foundation, an educational think thank based in Cambridge for which RF is currently responsible. We are delighted that Rob is now working closely with us as his project is prepared for full independence in the fullness of time. At the heart of the project’s approach is the belief that good relationships are essential for outstanding education. Its main areas of focus are around building strong parent-to-schooling, teacher-to-pupil, and peer-to-peer relationships.  Rob was previously Assistant Principal of Thurston Community College, Cambridge and the Research Co-ordinator of CamSTAR. A graduate of Cambridge, he went on to complete his PGCE at the Faculty of Education and has lectured on the PGCE English programme.