A brief history

The R Factor

The Relationship Foundation was founded in 1993, alongside the publication of the key early text of relational thinking, The R Factor. Since then it has worked on a number of initiatives that strengthen and protect relationships. In the early years the foundation concentrated on a number of different areas – including justice and health – as well as founding and incubating initiatives which adopt the relational approach that have gone on to become thriving separate organisations. In recent years the foundation has focused on family policy as well as working with former High Court Judge Sir Paul Coleridge in setting up and establishing Marriage Foundation. RF also has responsibility for the Keep Sunday Special campaign. We continue to support the principles and policies of  the Keep Time for Children campaign, while waiting for an appropriate moment to take its “Family Day Bill” before Parliament. Other spin-offs from the Relationships Foundation, which are now stand-alone organisations, are Allia and Future Business (originally, together, called Citylife) and Concordis International which focuses on building peace in conflict zones using a relational approach.